Thursday, 25 June 2015

Yes, I Fell in Love Unexpectedly

It was a birthday party at my friend’s place. The last guest to enter the party hall was dressed up to the nines and unbelievably, I could not take my eyes off her. The duration of four hours did not give me a single reason to ignore her; God! She was looking gorgeous. This was the girl who had been the victim of my sarcasm on her looks since the beginning of our college. Due to my disgusting behavior, she always chose to avoid me and never bothered to engage in any kind of conversation with me. I regretted my shameful deed that day as I found that beauty in her whom I always dreamt of marrying.

bouquet of red roses

Well, I tried to talk to her next day in college, however, she responded in a rude manner as if she was not interested in wasting her time with me. It was no wonder I deserved this behavior. She did not have an idea about what was going in my mind due to the drastic change in my feelings for her. Surprisingly, I did not miss a single change to impress her as boys tend to do. With a pile of questions in mind, she once came to me and asked, “What the hell are you up to nowadays? I have noticed unexpected behavior of yours in last few days”, I remained silent and looked in to her eyes constantly.

Next day with a huge beautiful bouquet of red roses that I got at FBN, I proposed my love to her. She was completely in shock and so was everyone out there. At that time, she left without saying anything and simply broke off in conversation with me. However, I decided not to give up.  

Today, we are celebrating our fifth wedding anniversary. Hurrah! She accepted me.

FBN has always been contributing to your happiness in different ways.