Friday, 11 September 2015

Friend’s Birthday? Order a Fresh Yummy Cake at FBN

No matter how far you put up from them, no matter how frequent you speak to him/her, no matter how often you see them. True that some things in life do not matter when it comes to the intensity of your love for your jigri dost. You definitely miss them on their birthday, on friendship day, on the day when you first met, and many other special days when you both spent a beautiful time.

Conditions in life keep you busy and you often tend to ignore everything else other than work. Has it been years that you have not sent a single gift to your best friend on his birthday? It was so, just because you were not able to meet them. Well, here we bring good news that you can send birthday cake online to Delhi to your friend. Hope to see you smile now.

Yummy Cake at FBN

Flower Boutique by Neelu Sethi is flooded with a great range of birthday cakes, chocolates, flower bouquets, and cards. We are dedicated to let you solidify your old friendship again. In order to take a look at cakes designed by us and order it, you need to logon to

You can also send cheapest flower bouquet online along with a lovely and delicious cake. Moreover, we are available at Delhi and many other large cities. Wherever you are sitting, you can order us to send a cake online to your friend on his birthday and make him feel special and remember those moments. This small thing will let him/her wish to give you a warm hug. 

send cheapest flower bouquet online

Please know that your order will be delivered by the promised time limit.

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