Monday, 28 March 2016

That’s How We Won My Parents’ Trust

With the first step of my life towards professionalism, I found someone who unknowingly became so special. Someone who cared for me more than everyone else did, who knew me better than I did, someone who surprisingly fell in love with me more amazingly than I ever had expected. This is how he became among the most important people in my life. Not surprisingly, alike other Indian people, my parents had an urge to search an ideal guy and get me married. I was worried whether my parents will be convinced or not. Completely drowned in love and emotions, we could not afford to separate at any cost.

As the time passed by, I chose a day to let my parents know about him. I experienced what I expected. They did really not appreciate my feelings for him. On rejecting their choices over and over again, they were finally ready to meet him not by choice but by force. Fortunately, we got married. However, my parents did not accept him. This was hurting my heart every moment. After three years of wedding, I and my husband reached my home on the birthday of my parents which falls on the same day. He decided to get a beautiful birthday card that had emotional words written on it, birthday flower hampers, and an amazing cake. He wrote:

“Mummy and papa, I promise to make your daughter the happiest woman of this world. But it is not possible without support from parents. Please accept me. I love you so much.”

May parents hugged him with all the love.

That was the day that made me amazingly happy. I was feeling like the luckiest person on the earth.

Kuch rishtey bohot ajeez hote hain!

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